Exotic Wood Soap Dish

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Extend the life of your soap with these exotic wood dishes. Wood dishes help to keep your bars dry between uses as they assist in pulling water from your soap. Our exotic dishes are made from three different woods: Purpleheart, Zebra Wood, and Rainbow Poplar. We have Purpleheart and Zebra Wood available in a rigid block style or a thinner ladder style and Rainbow Poplar available in a rigid block style. To ensure the longest life for your soap dish, be sure to follow best care practices.

*Please note that Rainbow Poplar comes in an unpredictable array of colors which can vary from light green to dark green to even purple.


Block Style: 2.75x4x0.75 inches

Ladder Style: 3x4x0.5 inches

Care Instructions: Gently wipe down the dish with warm water and a cloth to remove any residue. Change out your dish every 2-3 weeks with another dish so they may dry completely between uses. This will help prevent mildew, warping, and early aging of the wood.


Due to the handmade nature of our products, items may vary slightly.